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Individual psychotherapy.
Marriage counseling.
Couples counseling.
Sex therapy.
Psychological and marital consultations.
Comprehensive evaluations.
Forensic evaluations.

All aspects of sexuality of men and women.
Lifestyle and communication enhancement for couples.

Sexual Dysfunctions of men and women
Abnormally low sex drive in men and women.
Arousal and orgasm disorders.
Nonsexual marriages.

Relationship problems of single, married, divorced and widowed adults.
Relationship and sexual insecurities.
Extramarital sex and affair-related problems and crises.
Problems with romantic intimacy.

Anxiety disorders.
Depression disorders.
Panic attacks.

Sexual Identity Issues
Gay and lesbian specific issues.
Transgender issues and transsexuality.

Sexual Trauma
Child and adult sexual trauma.
Rape and incest.
Posttraumatic stress disorder.
Trauma-related disorders.

Sexual Control Problems
Sex addiction.
Sexual compulsiveness.
Sexual impulsiveness.
Sexual obsessions.
Problematic sexual behaviors and desires.

Health Concerns and Sexuality
Sexuality and disability.
Sexual pain disorders.

Adolescent sexuality.