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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Dr. Friedin has extensively helped couples of all ages and backgrounds.

There are important reasons for obtaining professional help for many types of stressful marital problems. Although not all marital problems and conflicts are curable, some problems cannot be resolved unless couples receive professional help and guidance.

The common problems include:

Chronic complaints and negativity.
Chronic irritability and unhappiness with each other.
Constant conflicts.
Chronic disrespect.
Inability to resolve conflicts.
Inability to communicate well.

Inability to compromise.
Explosive arguments.
Extremely frequent arguments.
Extreme incompatibility.

Strong feelings of loneliness or detachment within the marriage.
Intense feelings of emptiness and lack of fulfillm ent.

The relationship always feels like work.
Pervasive disappointment with each other.
Lack of enjoyable and easy conversations.
Lack of friendship.

Readiness to end the marriage.
Alcohol abuse.
Boring or dull lifestyle.
Constant pressure with chores and work.
Financial recklessness or financial incompatibility.
Parenting conflicts.
Abuse within the family.

Absence of romantic love.
Lack of sexual attraction.
Lack of romance and affection.
Extramarital affairs.
Lack of intimacy.
Sexual incompatibility.