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Health Insurance & Fees

Dr. Friedin is a provider with: Medicare, Magellan , and United Behavioral Health.

He is a provider with some New York Empire plans, Blue Cross, Valueoptions, and Aetna plans.

He is also a provider with several smaller plans.

Dr. Friedin accepts No-Fault insurance.

Always call your insurance carrier to confirm whether a doctor is a current participating provider.

If Dr. Friedin is not a provider with your plan, ask your insurance carrier how your benefits work for outpatient mental health services with a non-provider.

You can ask your insurance or managed care company:
What is your co-payment for a therapy session?
Is there a limit to the number of therapy sessions in a year?
Do you have a separate mental health deductible?
How are your benefits different with a provider or non-provider?
Is pre-authorization required for outpatient psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy fees are adjusted for patients without insurance.